Afternoon Map: Because Looking at History is Easier than Reading About It.

Anıl Duman, Uykusuz (February 7, 2013)
Our mission is and will always be to make Afternoon Map the number one Ottoman/Turkish/Middle Eastern/Balkan cartography blog on the internet by bringing you a range of original, visually appealing and intellectually engaging maps harvested from archives and libraries around the world. We hope these maps will appeal to history buffs, travelers and map enthusiasts alike, and to that end we have tried to provide some background for each map, at times even some analysis, without descending into the pedantry that accompanies so much academic writing on cartography. At the same time, we hope historians and other researchers will find these maps useful for their work. We firmly believe that every book needs more maps, and would be delighted if these maps could be useful toward that end. Finally, please send contributions, corrections or comments to Nick Danforth: nick.danforth - @ - gmail.com.


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