Afternoon Map's Comprehensive Map List

Historical Maps

Trains and Telegraphs in the Ottoman Empire (Ottoman, 1874)
A Serio-Comic Map of Europe (English, 1877)
Mecca Water Map (Ottoman Turkish, 1880)
A Birds Eye View of the Holy Land (English, 1880s)
British Maps of the Armenian Massacres (English, 1894)
Mulla Nasreddin Satire Map (Ottoman, Late 19th Century)
Proposed Canal in Kapıdağ, Marmara Region (Ottoman, 1895)
Ottoman Maps of Palestine (1880-1910, Ottoman)
"German Asia Minor" (German, 1897)
Bursa (Ottoman, late 19th century)
"Osmanli Tarihi" World Map (Ottoman, late 19th century)
English America (Ottoman, Late 19th century)
Paradise (English, Turn of the Century)
Aleppo (German, Turn of the Century)
Physical Map of Asia (Ottoman, Turn of the Century)
Ottoman Map of Beijing (Ottoman Turkish, 1900)
Reliving Old Battles (Ottoman/Turkish, 1900 & 1940)
Czarist Central Asia (English, c1900)
Turkey in Asia (English, 1903)
Trams and Transport in Istanbul (Turkish, c1900-present)
Completed Surveys of the Near East (English, 1905)
Alexander's Conquests (Ottoman, early 20th century)
Molla Nasreddin Cartoon Map (Azeri, early 20th century)
Revenge: A Foreboding Map of the Balkans (Ottoman Turkish, 1914)
Middle East Ethnographic Map (Ottoman Turkish, 1915)
Gallipoli Handkerchief (English, 1915)
Lebanese War Map (Ottoman, 1915)
Braille War Map of Europe (English, WWI)
The New Assyria (English, 1916)
Zionist Palestine (English, 1917)
Ethnographic Propaganda Map (French, c 1919?)
Ottoman Map of North America (Ottoman, 1919)
Ottoman Map of Asia (Ottoman, c1920)
Greater Syria (French, 1920)
Early Maps of Turkish National Struggle (Ottoman/English 1920/1)
The Middle East in Transition, (English, 1922)
Megali Greece (Greek, 1920s)
American Plane Routes (Ottoman Turkish, 1920s)
Mapping Adıyaman (Syriac, 1920s)
Opium Roads of Iran (English, 1926)
Ethnic Groups of Syria (French, 1930s)
Defiant Governments of the World (Ottoman Turkish, 1920s)
Greater Greece (French, 1922)
Malaria Map (Ottoman Turkish, 1922)
Izmir Restricted Zone (Ottoman Turkish, 1920s)
Soviet Military Schools and Installments (Ottoman Turkish, 1927)
Anavatan (Ottoman, 1927)
Greater Albania (Albanian, Undated)
California and the World (English, 1930s?)
Syrian-Iraqi Border Demarcation (English/French, 1930s)
Pervititich Insurance Maps of Istanbul (French, 1940s)
Illustrated Economy of Turkey (Turkish, 1940s)
Lighthouses of Turkey (Turkish, 1940s)
Intellectuals Per Capita in Anatolia (Turkish, 1940)
Ankara (Turkish, 1940s)
Europe at War (Turkish, 1940)
1683 Vienna Campaign (Turkish, 1941)
The Armenian Town of Hadjin (English, 1940s)
Ottoman Map of Nazi Europe (Ottoman Turkish, c1925/1946)
Italian Invasion Map (Turkish, 1943)
Tribes of Eastern Anatolia (Turkish, 1946)
Coming of Age in Anatolia (Turkish, 1949)
Wine Map (Turkish, 1950)
Tobacco Map (Turkish, 1950)
Batak, Bulgaria (Bulgarian, Various dates)
Map of General Progress (English, 1953)
Fatih Maps (Turkish, 1953)
Mapping the Turkishness of Cyprus (Turkish / English / French, 1950s - Present)
Goat Map, Sheep Map (Turkish, 1950s)
Turkey and the Northern Tier (English, 1950s)
Cold War Propaganda Maps (Turkish, 1950s)
Turkey on the Move (Turkish, 1956)
American Map of Possible Soviet Attack on Turkey (English, 1950s)
Istanbul Tourist Maps (English, 1950s)
Urbanization in Turkey (Turkish, 1950s)
The Old Trench of Belck (Turkish)
Beirut Tourist Map (English, 1955)
Drug Routes (Turkish, 1956)
Illustrated Aleppo (Arabic, 1960s)
The Hippie Trail (English, 1970s)
Bulgarian Tourist Maps (Bulgarian, 1980s)
Political Maps of the Middle East (French, 1990s)
Prespa Lakes (Various languages, various dates)
Dolmuş Map (Turkish, Contemporary)
Arab World Graffiti (Arabic, Contemporary)
Turkish Cheese Map (Turkish, Contemporary)
Gezi Park Maps (English, Contemporary)
14 Maps of Syrian History (Assorted languages & dates)

Home Made Maps

Africa Resized
American Sexual Fetishes
America's Allies and Enemies in the Middle East
Australia, Still Down Under
Aya Sofya Map
Bergen County and Its Beards
Dervish Map Challenge and Dervish Challenge Winner
Dolmus Map
Dividing East From West Over the Ages
Earthquake Death Map
Folk Song Map
The Geography of the Beard
Google Odyssey
Huntington-Stegosaur Debate
Istanbul Food Map
Istanbul for Academics
Kosher Food Map
Lawrence Durrell
Middle East Borders
Neo-Ottomanisms Map
Ottoman Food Map
Ottoman Rhino
Roman Empire Baseball
Russia through Time
Trains in Towns
Treasure Maps (Armenian)
Vend They Fir Jugs

Non Maps

Why Turkey will never be a tourist destination
Find your Favorite Fatih, May 29th edition
Otto-Erotic Extravaganza
Flags of the 19th Century
Lviv is for Lvovers
The Lost Romance of War
Zoological Darwinism
Ottoman Hats
Soviet Tourist Brochures
Superb Salonica
Mokomokai, the the baked Maori Head Trade
Arabs Through Turkish Eyes
A Very Hoja Christmas
Euromusic and Orientalist Camp
Konyali Photos Part I and Part II
Principles of Oil Wrestling
Tajikistan Propaganda Poster


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