Sunday, February 2, 2014

Superb Salonica

The final of our city maps, this time featuring Salonica, or Thessaloniki, formerly one of the most important Ottoman cities in the Balkans, now Greece's second city and capital of Greek Macedonia (needless to say you will suffer the wrath of many angry Greeks if you call the region anything else). For full sized versions of the maps below open either image in a new tab. The one on the right is digitized and hosted by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, so if you are boycotting Israeli academic institutions please don't look at it. To learn more about Salonica's history, check out our podcast with Sotiris Dimitriadis. Or listen to a bunch of SOAS professors sing one of the city's most famous songs.

The map on the left is from the Ottoman Archives. The one on the right is Heather William's "The New Mediterranean Pilot," found on the cool Historic Cities site.