Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Coming of Age in Turkish Anatolia

In another fascinating study from the Ankara University Dil ve Tarih-Cografya Fakultesi Journal (March, 1949), Dr. Ibrahim Isiklar set out to determine the average age of puberty in different regions across Turkey. Using government records (no further details available, unfortunately) Isiklar worked out an average for each geographic region. Though his findings were remarkably precise*, he was unable to correlate them with either height, weight, cephalic index or nasal index. He did discover, though, that men were almost twice as likely to reach puberty during the "warm season" and women more than three times as likely. Most intriguing, perhaps, are the results he couldn't get. A footnote states simply: "In south eastern Turkey the age at puberty for girls has not been determined."

*He didn't quite claim to be able to identify the day each person reached puberty. The data he used was by year, and averaging produced the specific day.