Wednesday, March 13, 2013

East Meets West

Nick Danforth, Georgetown University

Another set of my own maps. If the second one isn't terribly original, I hope at least the first one is. Turkey, of course, defends her claim to being the country where East Meets West by virtue of being located on a number of permutations of the dividing line. Finally, any discussion  of the conceptual geography of East and West seems to always include: 1) the fact that the Middle East is called the Middle East because the Balkans used to be the Near East. 2) The not-apocryphal-to-my-knowledge fact that the Indians call it the Middle West. 3) The possibly-19th-century-possibly-contemporary British saying "The Wogs start at Calais," which is almost as good as the saying 4) "Scratch a Russian find a Tatar." And of course there are a number of excellent maps of European countries according to their stereotypes.