Thursday, June 13, 2013

Gezi Park Round Three

Nick Danforth, Georgetown University

A few more Gezi Park maps. The one above, by Benedikt Koehler , shows the location of geotagged tweets referring the Gezi Park protests betwee June 1-3. More information about how it was made can be found on Koehler's blog, Beautiful Data.

Our feelings toward maps based on twitter data are best encapsulated by the image to the left. Indeed part of what's interesting about Koehler's maps is that they do a fairly good job of confirming what anyone who has been reading about the protests would suspect: people tweeting about the protests are mostly located where the protests are happing. Another map shows that the overwhelming majority of tweets are coming from Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. Hence our preference for simple google maps like Kader Sevinc's that usually convey the same information without the technological pretense of most twitter maps.

The map below was my best effort at creating an anti-protest propaganda map. I felt like somebody should try, but, as the mediocre results show,  my heart wasn't in it. On a related note, since a number of people questioned our intentions or motives after previous map posts about the Gezi Park protests, here is my position on the subject.