Monday, January 21, 2013

Illustrated Economy

Nick Danforth, Georgetown University

Illustrated Economy: for a full sized version click here.

This map, also courtesy of the Ataturk Library, offers a colorful celebration of Republican Turkey's industrialization and agricultural wealth in the 1940s. There is a cheerful coal miner in Zonguldak, sardines from Canakkale, canned milk from Kars, an optimistic oil derrick in Batman and fluffy white buds of cotton from Cukurova. In the following decade, the debate over whether Turkey should focus on industrial development or prioritize agriculture (which was expected to provide the capital for eventual industrialization) would become one of the main points of contention between the Republican Peoples Party, which favored the former, and the Democratic Party, which favored the later.

The Marmara region, with the lovingly rendered smoke of Bursa's factories 
Planes and Pastirma: the perfect blend of tradition and modernity.