Monday, November 18, 2013

From the Collection of Ibrahim Hakki Konyalı Part II

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Today we have another set of random pictures from the Ibrahim Hakki Konyalı Archive (see the previous set here). First is one of Italian occupation troops in Konya after World War One. Books like "Birds Without Wings" have been faulted by historians for giving the impression that Italian occupations were fun, part of a broader trend toward treating Italian colonialism or Italian fascism as jovial alternatives to their more brutal counterparts. All that said, everyone in this picture seems to be having a good time. Some Turks, including a young kid, have showed up for the picture, and there's a guy with a cape. (Konyalı Archive, #676)

An undated picture from a Cumhuriyet Bayramı celebrations in Taksim. (#525)

One of the more inexplicable photos in the Konyalı  archive, the caption simply reads "Grandsons of the goats who, according to mythology, discovered wine before the wine god Bacchus (Ereğli). [Mitolojiye göre şarap tanrısı baküs'ten evvel şarabı icat ettikleri iddia edilen kecçilerin torunları.]" (Konyali archive, #2885).

The caption says it all: the first day at the morgue's autopsy saloon, 5 Teşrinisani, 1928. (#438)

Salt extraction in the Salt Lake

And a series of mugshots of late Ottoman criminals. Anyone who wants to provide a transcription of the writing on the photos has my eternal respect.