Thursday, August 8, 2013

Kızıl Bayrak: Early Soviet Propaganda

Here we have an article the July 16, 1921 issue of the weekly periodical L'Europe Nouvelle, which was founded by Louise Weiss in 1918. The magazine focused on political developments in Europe and particularly the new political order emerging under the League of Nations. This particular issue was found in a box in the French National Archives (310AP/95) along with other newspaper clippings dealing with issues related to French interests in the former Ottoman Empire.

The above image is an example of Soviet propaganda from the Turkic regions of the Soviet Union encouraging Turkish-speaking citizens to join with the newly ascendant communists under the banner of the "Red Flag (Qızıl Bayrağı)". More images from the article, including a map of Soviet factories (seen here in full size) can be found below.