Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Alternative Visions of the Middle East

In case anyone came here by way of the Atlantic's article on Middle East borders, I wanted to offer a round-up of some of the best alternative maps of the region that have cropped up over the years. In addition to The New Arabia (next post, below) which differs from today's reality mostly in a fairly crucial bit of terminology, there is The New Assyria, as well as some interesting German and British colonial fantasies. There is also Lawrence of Arabia's recent map, as well as this somewhat less illustrious but quite popular one.  Maps of Greater Israel, like those of its Balkan counterparts Greater Greece and Greater Albania, now appears more frequently on anti-Israel websites then on Zionist ones (or, in this case on a pro-Israel website drawing attention to the map's popularity on anti-Israel sites). Finally, one of the better recent maps on this subject, showing almost every conceivable version of Kurdistan that has been proposed over the years.