Saturday, June 28, 2014

Karamanlica America

Thanks to Fergus Reoch for alerting us to this amazing Karamanlica map of the United States from 1877. (Karamanlica is Turkish written in a slightly modified Greek script, but then I suspect our readers already knew that). Fergus drew our attention to Γενι Πρανζβικ, or Yeni Brunswick, and ΤΙΓΙΑΡΙ ΧΙΝΤΙ (ΑΣΗΛ ΑΜΕΡΙΚΑΒΙ) ΙΝΤΙΑΝ ΤΕΡΡΙΤΟΡΙ [Diyari Hinti, (Asil Amerikavi) Indian Territory] among other highlights. There is also Memaliki Kanata (the dot above the T, if I recall correctly, makes it a D), Amerika-i Şomali-i Ingliz, Kenthki, Oxaio and my favorites, Gioyta for Utah and Oyagiomink for Wyoming. The maps of the other countries on the side are there for comparison.