Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Other Side of WWI

To balance out our anti-German fear-mongering, not to mention our favorite maps showing the Ottoman Empire as a German colony, it seemed only fair to share this map offering a German perspective on World War One. Here are all the colonies of all of Germany's enemies in nice bright colors (though of course none of Germany's colonies are on there). I would love to know what this actually says. In any case it's hard to escape the conclusion that Germany really was missing out.

From Sotirios Dimitriadis: "The redress of injustice will be the foundation of a lasting peace" Lloyd George, January 5, 1918. According to the statement by Lloyd George, we can demand the following colonies from the Entente.

[In red:] The success of the 8th War Bond reflects the gratitude of the Homeland for the great victories in the West.