Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Orientalist Extravaganza

Some great stuff turns up alongside maps in old books about Turkey. Hats, prayers, Hittites and buffalo after the jump - all courtesy of the American Research Institute's excellent library in Arnavutkoy.

a full and authentic account of a recent journey... By A. Locher
I still love Resat Ekrem Kocu even though Orhan Pamuk does too

from Caravan: the Story of the Middle East
the Hittite Syllabary

The Pigs and the Buffalo are from Locher's Star and Crescent, the Kocu drawing is from Turk Giyim, Kusam ve Suslenme Sozlugu. The prayers are from Carleton Coon's Caravan: the Story of the Middle East and the Hittite alphabet is from the British Archeological Institute journal, Anatolian Studies, 1951.