Saturday, October 5, 2013

Last week our blog had its 100,000th visitor, an exciting milestone a little less than a year after we began. In honor of the occasion we have a blogger-generated map showing were you, our readers, are from. Not surprisingly, Turkey had the most, with America a close second and regular traffic from Canada, Western Europe and China as well. We also wanted to revisit some of our most popular maps. First and foremost is "Still Seeing Red", whose popularity was due to its supposedly revealing that Erdogan's Canal Istanbul project was actually an American plot [Obviously America's real scheme involves the  Bosphorus Funicular]. Also popular have been an Ottoman maps of Beijing and North America, Zach Foster's excellent essay on mapping Palestine, some beautiful maps of trains and trams, and our home-made map of the changing border between East and West. And finally, a few maps that weren't that popular, but are still some of my favorites: this Goat map, Naci Dilekli's hand-drawn Dervish Map (or Sema Schema) and this incredible guide to oil wrestling by world champion Adali Halil.